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About the Hornsby Shire Recollect Collection

Hornsby Shire has a rich and varied history and throughout the shire collections of historical importance are held by organisations such as Hornsby Library and individuals. This material is now being offered through our online platform.

Users now have access to over a century’s worth of Hornsby’s history through an easy online resource of historical material, such as photographs, newspapers, film and audio material, from various collections. We can now see history unfolding through the impact of world wars, changes in fashion and culture.

Everyone with an interest in Hornsby Shire will find something they recognise amongst these pages.

Hornsby Recollect members are invited to contribute to the site.  Share your own knowledge and memories about the items in these collections, add items and create personal collections of your favourites.


About Recollect

 Recollect is an online platform for presenting digital heritage collections built and hosted by New Zealand Micrographics Services (NZMS). It has been specifically designed for fostering community participation, enabling heritage organisations to draw on the valuable knowledge, stories, and energy out there in their respective communities to add value to their collections. Constructed using proven open source tools, RECOLLECT is easy to navigate and provides an exciting range of options — such as annotation, geo-tagging, and bookmarking —  to enhance the user experience. More information can be found on the Recollect website.